Date December 16, 2021
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Brian E. Clark
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The year in stories — 2021

At Brown, calendar year 2021 was brimming with breakthroughs, reflections, 不可动摇的社区意识和前进的决心——这里有21个故事,让腾讯5分彩计划网一瞥这种活动.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [腾讯五分彩官网] —  From a student earning a Ph.D. in physics at age 89, to Brown community members capturing a Nobel Prize, Rhodes Scholarship and MacArthur “genius grant,” 2021年也不乏值得庆祝的个人成就.

但在一个历年里,新冠肺炎大流行仍然引人注目, 成功不仅仅是学术成就:该大学实现了COVID-19疫苗接种率的近乎普遍, and in-person operations 回到了一个开始感觉有点像流行病前的布朗的校园. Scholars at the School of Public Health, Warren Alpert Medical School and in other academic departments offered their expertise to help safely navigate the new normal, including by developing an innovative virtual course that helped leaders tackle pandemic challenges in real time.

在腾讯五分彩官网的这一年见证了无数的科学发现和研究创新 breakthroughs in brain science to a watershed analysis 气候变化的影响——这在他们的校园之外留下了深刻的印象. 该大学发布了第二版,扩大版的先驱 Slavery and Justice Report, and on the solemn 20th anniversary of 9/11, the community gathered to remember and honor those lost.

And all of that is just a snapshot. As the Brown community bids farewell to 2021, 以下是布朗今年最值得关注、最受欢迎的21个故事,按时间倒序排列.

2021: The Year in Stories